Father’s Day

shapeimage_6-450x355  By Pastor Mike

Today is recognized as Father’s Day. I am Blessed with two children and six grandkids. I had a great day because I spent time with all of them. What was even more important is I spent quality time with my Heavenly Father. I hope you have a good relationship with your earthly Father. If not, do your best to make it right with him. Thank him for all he has taught you; the time you spent together. Please spend time with your heavenly Father because that’s who you will be spending eternity with. The more time you spend with JESUS the more you get to know HIM. The more you’ll understand the unconditional LOVE HE has for you. I encourage you to accept that LOVE HE has for you. Everything JESUS did for you was because of HIS LOVE. AGAPE LOVE. Accept HIS LOVE.

I also encourage you to read HIS Love Story HE wrote for us. We call it the Bible. See what HE has done for us. Make it personal. JESUS stands on HIS promises of never leaving us nor forsaking us. HE will stick closer than a Brother. HE is there at the mention of HIS NAME. Celebrate JESUS because every day belongs to HIM. HE bought us by paying the ultimate price for everyone.

I want you to understand that JESUS is still in the healing business. HE will heal you if you pray and believe. You have to believe. HE will provide everything we need like shelter, food, jobs, love, comfort, peace, mercy, grace, salvation, wisdom, protection, knowledge, understanding. No, there is no one like our Heavenly Father because HE has power over everything and will provide a way for us to get out of every situation we are in. So celebrate Father’s Day every day because JESUS deserves it. GOD BLESS.

(image from Divine Revelations)

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