Relationship with Jesus

why Jesus died By Pastor Mike

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Matthew 6:33

We not only need to have a relationship with JESUS, we get to have one with HIM. HE knows everything about us and HE wants us to know HIM just as intimately. The only way to have a strong relationship is to spend quality time together.  The stronger the relationship, the stronger your faith becomes because HE will show you things and use you for HIS Kingdom and for HIS Glory.

The more you know JESUS the more obedient you want to be to HIM. Obedience to JESUS matters because it is only through obedience that we grow in personal knowledge of JESUS and who HE is. By being obedient and studying HIS Word (Bible) and spending time in prayer is crucial in developing a strong relationship with HIM.

We need to understand how much we need JESUS to take care of us, love us, lead us, forgive us, and give us HIS grace and Mercy. We need JESUS to be with us every step we take and every breath we make. You will see a difference in a positive way when you focus and rely on JESUS for decisions in your life. You will realize HE will never leave you or forsake you. HE is closer than a brother and right there at the mention of HIS NAME. How much better your life will be with JESUS in it. Stay focused on JESUS.

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