We Belong to JESUS

  by Pastor Mike

Praise the LORD and give HIM all the Glory. We should always thank JESUS for HIS Mercy and HIS Grace. If HE didn’t supply us with it, who knows where we would be. HE was the only one to ever walk on earth who was perfect. Yes, none of us are perfect. JESUS will forgive our sins when we stumble and fall. We need to ask HIM for forgiveness. Always remember that when you fall, don’t stay down but get right back up and stay on the road to heaven.

Have you ever been to a place where you felt judged? How did it make you feel? We should never judge anyone in any way.

We as a church need to show the LOVE of JESUS. We need to show people and tell them about the hope we have in JESUS. Any hope we put in the world is always short-lived. Hope in JESUS is long-lasting and it will put our focus on HIM. The more focused we are on JESUS, the stronger we will become spiritually. We will be able to defeat the enemy because we’ll understand that we are already Victorious. So stay focused on JESUS and build a strong relationship with HIM so when the time comes, you will hear HIM say “Enter in thy good and faithful servant”.

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