Sister Bonnie Hawley Healing Testimony

Hello everyone, my name is Bonnie Hawley, and my story began in June 2020. I went to a routine checkup at my Doctors office. Looking at my blood test results my Dr. said my GFR number was very low so this meant my kidneys were not working well. She told me she wanted me to have a scan after three scans she said that I did not have kidney cancer but that I had a spot on my left lung. She then had me see two different doctors. I then had two more scans, one was a Pet scan. They both agreed that I had lung cancer. Over the next few weeks I had a three phase oxygen test, an ebus, two MRI’s, two blood clot scans and a two day stress test, all to get ready for surgery. Many other things happened at this same time. After having the ebus I woke up the next morning unable to move my legs which sent me to the ER, they said my body had been thru so much that it just needed time to rest. I was to have surgery on Nov. 3rd but because of COVID it got moved to Nov. 16 at the UW hospital in Madison, which gave my body the needed time to rest.

It was during all of this that I knew the only answer was God for I have always been a strong person but I could do nothing about any of this, it was all in God’s hands. All I knew to do was to pray and trust God. Each day from the time I heard the report my husband and I started taking communion each morning, not to get anything from God but to remember that the Word says that when we partake of communion we do it to remember what He has already done for us. He took the stripes on His back for our healing. God gave me such a peace about all of this that when the surgeon called to say that I would have to wait two weeks I was just fine with that because I knew in my heart that God had answered our prayers and the prayers of our family and friends.

I had surgery on Nov. 16 and they found no cancer and I do not ever need to go back to see the surgeon in Madison again. God did many great things for me during this whole time, way too many to list here. Time after time God let me know He was with me and everything would be okay. I give all the glory to God for what He did for me. What He did for me He will do for everyone, just trust in Him and let Him do what He died on the cross to do for us. Salvation includes more that just going to heaven, it includes everything we need here on earth. So whatever you may be facing right now let go and give it to Him. He loves you so much.

 Brother Jeffrey A. Thompson

My name is Jeffrey A. Thompson and I was born January 3rd, 1965. I came into this world breech which may explain all the backward choices I made in my life. IMG_20180225_114126

I grew up in a Christian home where, while imperfect, both my mom and dad were believers in Jesus Christ. In the 5th grade I was forced to change grade schools which began my downfall. I knew nobody and the only group that accepted me, a newbie was the smokers and drug users. So I soon began smoking, drinking, using drugs, and it never stopped but only grew as I got older.

Were it so that these were my only vices, I also began stealing, acting out in school, and disrespecting my dad. My drinking and drug use continued to grow as I didn’t like my life and tried to escape. In the 6th grade, my teacher Mrs. Colby decided that I wasn’t being challenged enough in school and came up with the solution to push me forward into the 7th grade at the halfway point of the year. This created another headache for me because now the older kids in the Junior high school resented me. One more reason to fall deeper into drinking and drug usage!                                                                                       My acting out at home also became a greater problem which put me into the juvenile justice system which led to several out of home placements. The Rock County Youth Home, a group home in Stoughton and eventually Mendota. They made the determination that I was fine and let me go home. None of it worked and I went off to my first stay at Ethan Allen which led to a placement in a Beloit juvenile halfway house where I was promptly kicked out and returned to Ethan Allen. This lasted until an attorney found an error in the paperwork and I was sent to Norris Farms. I remained in there until the end of the school year in which I was released to my home in 1981. My appearance back at school brought mixed reviews as many wouldn’t talk to me, some remembered past friendships, and once again the users embraced me which I relished. I never did graduate from school and in 1982 my dad passed away from heart failure.

This seemed to set my path, I drank more, and began to use heavier drugs (Hallucinogen’s) My life was now simply one of partying. I continued to think I was managing but I was hiding inside. In January of 1986 it all seemed to come to an end as  on January me and two others planned to rob a liquor store. Each of us had different roles and I was one the one to enter. Things didn’t happen as planned and I wound up shooting and killing Steven Raby, this happened on January 23rd and was arrested on January 25th. Two trials later I was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and armed robbery the judge gave me the maximum of 70 years. The memory of Steven, what I did to him became my inspiration, I never wanted to hurt anyone again.                                           While inside I went through college but more important for me were the bible studies I did by mail. By God’s grace on May 16th, 2017 I received a grant and came back to Janesville. I try to do as best as I can with the help of Jesus Christ and on September 3, 2017, I was again baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. I truly did repent of my sins and now wait on the blessings of God. I trust in His holy word for 1Corinthians 6:11 says, “And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” I am forgiven and I know I am sanctified in His Holy name! Amen                                                      God bless you all and it is my prayer that this inspires you to never give up!

Pastor Jeff Hansonjeffcarmen

My name is Jeff Hanson and I’m blessed to be one of the pastors with my lovely wife Carmen, mybest friend Mike Batinich and his wife Dee at Janesville Apostolic Ministries. My journey is a very long one and probably the hardest part is to keep it relatively short for you readers. I was raised in a home that believed in God and we were taken to church regularly until my teenage years. I believe I actually received the call of God into ministry sitting in a large Lutheran church while listening to one of the pastors preaching while I was going through my confirmation. But unfortunately as my family began to no longer attend I began to develop my own ideas of God and they were not good ones. Somehow I came up with the idea that we were really just puppets in which God controlled every facet of our lives. With this though I began to blame God for everything that went wrong and gave Him very little credit when things went right. I became very bitter with God and began a spiral downwards into drinking and partying.

I married at the young age of nineteen not really knowing what was love was. But God was calling, shortly after we had moved to a small town called Rib Lake, WI and traveled back to the Milwaukee area often to visit family. On one of these trips as it was snowing we had a terrible auto accident in which another driver coming the opposite way lost control and ended up sideways as we collided, two of the people in the other car were killed and two children injured. I was saved pretty much with just a cut on my chin, a banged up nose and chest, my wife broke both bones in her lower leg and received a nasty gash to her chin. The thing that left the greatest impression on me was that I heard later that the two ladies in the other car were heading home just after having their “Wills made out”. But unfortunately I wasn’t ready to hear about God as I continued my drinking, partying and carousing.

After my third child was born God was going to change my world upside down. After a routine checkup we were told to take her to Childrens Hospital because he didn’t think something was right. I sat outside as doctor after doctor went into the room in wonder what was going on and eventually they brought us into a room and told us the horrible news, “Your daughter has cancer”. As they placed my daughter into my arms my heart broke as I felt tremendous guilt and actually felt that his child was suffering for my sins much like Jesus had suffered for our sins two thousand years ago. Well they had surgery the following day and removed a tumor about the size of orange but the cancer had spread to her liver and she would have to undergo chemotherapy and were cautioned about having too much hope (heard later that the Mayo clinic had several of this type of cancer with very poor results).

But I went home that night and cried out to God telling Him that He should take my life not hers, Praise God He heard my cry, because from that moment on my life changed. I was eventually baptized in Jesus Name, filled with the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues and answered the call to the ministry. By the way my daughter received a healing and is now a mother of three beautiful children.


My name is Kim Olson and I feel like the most divinely protected man alive.
For nearly 30 years I was held in bondage by Chronic Alcoholism and many
other destructive addictions. I spent nearly three years institutionalized
in treatment centers, halfway houses, and jails. I had many brushes with death
in hospitals and on the streets. I’ve been beaten beyond recognition,
stabbed, left for dead and shot at. In the early 1970’s I was a Radio-Teletype
Operator in a Viet Nam Support Unit. I don’t remember a day when I wasn’t
using alcohol, drugs, or both.

Kim OlsonThrough everything I had a strong feeling someone was watching over me. I was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous for over 20 years and had some periods of sobriety. I had a huge void in me and I knew I needed much more because my addiction was more powerful than I was. One day I woke up in jail very sick and very depressed. I remember getting on my knees and praying for deliverance out of my Hell. I prayed for something I never had…a normal life. I had already ruined my marriage and ruined my relationship with my son. My life was a series of missed opportunities, blackouts, brusher with the law, and failed relationships.

I finally put my life in God’s hands where it belonged all along. Things began to happen. I married a Spirit filled woman and was blessed with a Spirit filled daughter. Deliverance from my addictions occurred with no withdrawal. I began to live with a new sense of strength and confidence. I found a job that I’ve held for many years. This is significant because I was diagnosed as hopeless and told I’d never be able to work and would be on Social Security the rest of my life. That was a lie from the depths of hell.

Today I’m a Spirit filled member of God’s Kingdom. I’ve got a clear mind and good health and I realize everything I have came from God. He gave me back everything Satan stole from me and much, much more. Praise God!

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