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Latest Video Sermons – Sunday Service

Pastor Jeff preaches on Sarah’s Legacy

Brother Bob preaches on God Made a Way

Pastor Jeff preaches on Following the Recipe

Pastor Mike preaches on Being Truly Thankful

Pastor Jeff preaches on Our Reward

Pastor Mike preaches “Veterans Day”

Pastor Mike preaches “The Presence of the Lord is Here”

Pastor Jeff preaches “For I am in the Place of God”

Brother Bob preaches “The Joy That Lay Before Him”

Pastor Mike preaches “Forgiveness”

Pastor Jeff preaches It’s Almost Midnight”

Pastor Mike preaches “We Are Free”

Brother Bob preaches “Kingdom Identity – Kingdom Authority”


Latest Adult Sunday School Videos

Pastor Bonnie shares Finishing Phillipians and Luke

Pastor Bonnie shares Phillipians 1 Part 1 and Phillipians Part 2

Pastor Bonnie shares Setting Your Sails”

Pastor Bonnie shares “Joy and Suffering” Part 1 and Part 2

Pastor Bonnie shares “When the Devil Comes to Church” Part 1 and Part 2

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