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Thoughts from Pastor Jeff Hanson

Been a Christian for 35+ years, a Pastor for 15+ years with the emphasis on teaching the word of God from sometimes a different point of view than was taught. Have authored 4 books to this point. Am Married and have 6 children, 13 grandchildren

This Life Isn’t Always Wonderful but a Wonderful Life it IS!

Are You Equipped?

Pastor Jeff and Carmen Hanson

Without the Shedding of Blood

Meditate on the Word

Choosing to Be Thankful

What is Your Gift?

The Best Gift

Is He The God or My God?

Stand Up

Don’t Be a Bystander

Are You a Doer?

Walking Miracles


What is Christmas About to Me

When God Speaks

What is Truth?

13 Things a Pastor Should Never Say to a Congregation

Is Your Name in the Book?

Traditions Verses Tradition

We Are His Reflection

Love is the Only Answer

Uncomfortably Numb

When Words Are Not Enough

A Time to Weep

The Great Commission


Christians and Suicide

Radically Saved

Great Faith

The Peace that Passes

Almost Midnight

To Die is Gain

Why Go To Church?

No Such Thing as a SuperPastor

What About Fasting Part 3

What About Fasting Part 2

What About Fasting Part 1

Walking By Faith

Do You Know Of Him or Do You Know Him?

Are You Sold?

Too Much Jesus?

Jesus Loves Me

Revival Isn’t About Numbers

Don’t Stop My Miracle!


Another First

The Devil Isn’t the Only Liar Part 4

The Devil Isn’t the Only Liar Part 3

The Devil Isn’t the Only Liar Part 2

The Devil Isn’t the Only Liar Part 1

Revival at Our Church?

Ready for Download

Sacrificial Prayer

Are We Ready?

The Journey Begins!

Pastor Jeff and Carmen Hanson